5 Reasons Your Bed Needs a Duvet

February 20, 2019

5 Reasons Your Bed Needs a Duvet

  1. Made of light material
  2. Provides warmth
  3. Fabric Assortment
  4. Visually appealing
  5. Extra-Cozy                                

This is the season for snuggling up, so traditionally sheets and blankets are what we used to use, but now duvets are the norm. Your duvet rests on top of a fitted sheet and serves as a top sheet and blanket in the winter and in the summer, lighter materials are preferable. Let us explore the different materials you can use for your duvet cover.

Percale cotton is a lightweight material and has a similar feel to muslin. It is very durable and long lasting. It can be washed on a regular basis and it allows your body heat transfer from the duvet back to you. Duvezy Duvet (www.duvezy.ie) uses Paraclete cotton in their unique products.

Pima and Egyptian cotton have a high thread count between 200 and 300 which makes  them really soft. All three types of cotton are made up of extra long thread which contributes towards the softness and durability.

Duvets are designed to  keep you warm and comfortable and are also known as comforters and may be filled with down feathers but more often than not, they are filled with synthetic material. Down feather duvets are deemed to be the most flexible when it comes to temperature  and are the most regulating duvets for body heat. They keep you cool, when its hot, and when its hot, they keep you cool, making it an excellent choice.

Down duvets, unlike synthetic duvets, which don’t allow the heat to spread as they are non insulating, down duvets distribute the heat upwards and sideways, making an even warmth all over your bed.

There is a wide range of fabrics which all have different reactions regarding temperature. Choosing the right fabric for your duvet cover that is washable, breathable and comfortable is as important as the duvet itself. Here are a few to choose from;

Organic cotton which is self explanatory as it has the benefit of containing fewer allergens. Washing the duvet will naturally eliminate chemical smells which will help with those with breathing problems enabling them to get a good nights sleep.

Probably the most luxurious option is silk which is elegant as well as being comfortable.  it keeps in the heat but is cool enough in the summer. Silk is also breathable and is attractive to feel. However it does come at a cost.

Duvets are visually appealing and can complement your decorative bedroom. A new colourful duvet set is a great way to spruce up your bedroom and creates a good environment for sleep. It is far more convenient than redecorating the bedroom, painting the walls and buying new furniture.

Are you a follower of fashion or a traditionalist with a more soothing neutral or pastel colours?  

You could go for floral patterns or bright symmetrical patterns with stripes. For the children, there is a wide choice of Hero characters like Spider-Man, sports themes or pretty softer patterns for the girls. The choice is endless.

Now that you have your duvet all set up, its time to climb in and get cozy. A good mattress is the foundation for getting cozy in bed.your mattress should be firm and supportive and keep your spine straight.

Having a shower or bath before bed washes off allergens and softens the skin, giving you a good nights sleep.

Ultimately a down comforter, 13 tog, with a ( Duvezy) percale cotton cover will give you a feeling of sleeping under a wonderful weightless white fluffy cloud. Sweet dreams.