5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Bed

February 20, 2019

5 Ways to Get Your Kids to Bed

  1. Consistent Bed Times
  2. Good bedtime stories
  3. Warm Milk Before Bed
  4. The Perfect Temperature
  5. Sleep environment                                          

One of the most difficult tasks of a parent is getting their children to go to bed. If they don't have a routine, children will push to stay up later and later which will have a knock on effect of tiredness, mood swings and irregular sleep patterns. 

Firm rules can ease anxiety and they will come to understand what to expect and in the end they will learn self control.

It’s important to set a regular bedtime routines and have a firm schedule, so by setting an early sleep time say, by 10 minutes for the first few nights until you achieve your ideal time.

For example, if they are retiring at 9.00pm and you want them in bed by 8.30pm, start bedtime at 8.50pm for a few nights then move back to 8.30pm, they will fall int that routine.

Introduce quiet activities, an hour or two before bed, such as reading or listening to calming music. However the activities should not be too exhilarating, for instance watching TV or using electronic devices.

Bedtime activities should be fun and oriented to bedtime so they know what to expect. There should be a degree of patience but at the same time being persistent. There may be protests and crying but with gentle persistence you will prevail. The key is to be consistent.

Once they are in bed, its time for a story. Who doesn’t like a good story. What does a bedtime story achieve, well there are several benefits, the first being;

  1. It develops imagination through images and at this stage we have to read to them so they have their own perception of the story. Do you or have you listened to a play on the radio, it tests our imagination, we even visualize what the characters look like. Children are the same, so by reading to them puts them in a good frame of mind for sleep.
  2. It creates a bond with their parents and inevitably sends them to sleep
  3. Encourages them to read and improves their attention levels

Giving your child warm  milk before sleep helps them relax. It contains vitamin D and potassium which helps to build strong bones and teeth and maintains healthy blood pressure. A cup of warm milk will help the child relax and give them a good nights sleep.

Having the perfect temperature in the bedroom will help with an uninterrupted nights sleep. Children’s body temperature will naturally reduce towards bedtime as it prepares for sleep.

The optimum temperature for children is 65 to 70 degrees /18 to 21 degrees Fahrenheit.

Young children regulate their temperature through their heads, and through their faces. If you wrap  them too much it will restrict thermal stress may occur.

Room temperature will effect their sleep so make sure they are neither too hot or too cold then they will have a restful nights sleep.

Having the best possible environment will help your child sleep better. Your child’s room should be clean and free of clutter. A de-cluttered room definitely has a calming effect, so encourage your children to tidy up after play time. It not only teaches them good habits and discipline but gives them an environment sympathetic to a good sleep environment.

Children feel safer with a hint of light when they go to sleep as it weigh lays their fear of the dark, however, this can be counter productive to natural body rhythms that trigger sleep. So over a period of time try weening them off light and keep it to a minimum in the mean time. At some stage we were all scared of the dark, some of us still are.