Duvet vs Comforter. Best for you

December 05, 2018

There is no better feeling than snuggling under a fluffy duvet, or a soft comforter. Either one of these options will give you a warm cozy sleep.



The word Duvet dates back to France, around 1750 and means ‘Down’, so named because of the duck feathers used to fill duvets. There are references to Duvets being used in China as long as 3000 years ago.

Let us explore the difference between the Duvet and the Comforter and which one will be best for you.



A duvet is made like a big fluffy sack with minimal overhang on the bed.

 It can be complemented by using any choice of covers, pillows and cushions to enhance the look and overall décor of the bedroom.

Duvets come with protective covers, rather like pillow cases, and these are available in many designs and colours. The actual duvets generally come in white, beige and neutral colours as they are meant to be used with a cover.



Unlike a duvet, a comforter does not need a cover as it is made with a decorative material and is ready to throw over the bed.

Comforters come in bigger standard sizes than duvets.


How do you like to Sleep?

Now you know the difference between a duvet and a comforter here are a few things to consider.


Ease of Making Your Bed

A duvet is the best option for this as it can be used without a top sheet or other layers, especially in warmer weather.

A comforter is not that different but you will need to use a top and bottom sheet and maybe add a bed blanket for extra warmth, so probably it is more suitable for cooler nights.

 There is now a revolutionary new way of making your bed, using a unique new type of duvet cover being offered by Duvezy Duvets. With this you simply place the duvet cover flat on the bed, then fold back the top layer to reveal a square opening in the lower casing which will hold the actual duvet. Feed the duvet through the opening and then fold down the top layer and the job’s done. It is so fast and easy and can be done hassle-free in half the time it takes to change a standard duvet cover. See the video at

www.duvezy.com  You’ll see for yourself how easy it makes the job.


What is Your Fluffiness Level

If you like a soft, fluffy, encapsulating feeling when you climb into bed, a duvet is the way to go.

A comforter is not so fluffy although it can still be soft and cozy, so it’s all down to personal preferences.