Simple Formula to a Good Night Sleep

December 05, 2018


After a long hot glorious summer when it was difficult to get a good night’s sleep it has naturally cooled down considerably allowing us to snuggle up and feel cozy. Why? Because our body temperature has adjusted, which is so important for a long deep sleep.

Effect of Temperature

Your body temperature naturally goes higher and lower peaking to its highest in the late afternoon, then it reduces, preparing you for sleep.

When it gets colder it is a signal to your brain to prepare for sleep. Our sleep - wake cycle is determined by our circadian rhythms, the 24 hour internal body clock.

The optimum temperature for an ideal sleep is 60 - 67 degrees Fahrenheit, i.e.  18 - 21 Celsius.






60 to 67 degrees

15 to 19 degrees

Babies and toddlers

65 to 70 degrees

18 to 21 degrees


Experts say that temperatures above 75 or below 54 degrees can badly effect your sleep patterns.



We mentioned earlier the body’s circadian clock, well this can be effected by light.  This is why we turn the lights out at night time. Dark conditions are preferable; blackout curtains and eye masks are beneficial to achieve a good sleep.

These block out streetlights as well as the stars and the moon. Conversely , when you draw back the curtains and you are greeted with bright light, this  stimulates your body into waking up.

Shades on bedroom lights and dimmer switches will decrease the brightness and introduce a relaxing atmosphere. Wherever possible low wattage bulbs should be introduced and bright electronics kept out of sight.



Old houses are built with thick walls, thus keeping noise to a low level.Most modern houses tend not to have this advantage.

Depending on the location of your bedroom a busy street or neighborhood could have a great bearing on a good night’s sleep.

It has to be mentioned, a snoring partner can definitely put a dampener on your sleep pattern. Unfortunately only you and your partner can resolve that one.

Obviously if you fall asleep in a noisy environment you will not have a restful sleep, so maybe earplugs are the answer.



Having created an ideal sleep environment, keeping clean is good for your mental and physical heath.

A de-cluttered and clean room will calm your mind and help you breathe more easily when sleeping.

Hoovering on a regular basis with a good air purifier will help with reducing dust mites, pet dander, parasites and allergens that interfere with your breathing.

Interestingly, plants bring a sense of calm and energy to the bedroom by cleaning the air and removing toxic chemicals.

Sleeping in a clean and controlled environment will help your sleep over a long period and leave you feeling well rested.



How can you sleep with greater comfort? Well it simply means, sleeping without pain. But how?

Firstly, find a perfect pillow. This can affect your whole body, from your neck to your feet.

Find a firm pillow that supports your neck through to your shoulders.

Spinal support is so important and sleeping in a neutral position. To do this you may need a new mattress such as a memory mattress or a fairly firm model.


Cozy bedding is a big factor to achieving a good night’s sleep. Your bed should be inviting and a warm fuzzy duvet, soft sheets or a throw blanket will make you want to cover up, snuggle up and be COMFORTABLE.

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