The Ultimate Duvet Hack to Change Your Life. Duvezy Duvet is the secret.

February 20, 2019

The Ultimate Duvet Hack to Change Your Life. Duvezy Duvet is the secret.

  1. Easily change the cover
  2. Duvet will not bunch up on one side
  3. No more zipper, locks or fasteners              

For years we have all struggled to find a quick and easy way of changing our duvet covers. There are many suggestions on the web including inverting your duvet into the cover and flipping it. This will take at least two people for a Kingsize. So can you imagine one person doing this in a couple of minutes?

Duvezy Duvet have come up with an ingenious method to change your cover which takes less than a few minutes and can be completed by one person, whatever the size.

Firstly spread the all -in-one Duvezy Duvet cover over your bed.

Roll back the top cover to reveal the duvet casing

Place your duvet on top of the casing and tuck into the four corners.

Fold down the top over the casing and fold the duvet flap over to complete the change.

Using a Duvezy Duvet will solve the problem of your duvet bunching up on one side because it is evenly distributed and by having the main weight of your duvet in the middle and not at the top or bottom will insure it will not slide or bunch to the side.

Duvezy’s unique design  dispenses of  the need for extra fastenings such as buttons, zippers or studs. The design lends itself to ultimate simplicity as the casing is simply covered by the top layer of cotton material. Therefore there is no need to have fixings to keep the duvet in place, it is held by center fugal force.

The covers are made of 100% percale cotton giving a luxurious feel and because of its high quality will help give you a good and healthy nights sleep.

To learn more about this exciting and unique product watch the video at,

See how easy it can be to change your duvet cover with Duvezy Duvet.